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Dad’s Got Debt: The Start of The Debt Movement

In this well-written article, Jeff Rose talks about his father’s life full of debt and how it impacted him to start The Debt Movement. Jeff grew up with a father who struggled to pay off debts and used to watch his father as he struggled to pay all the bills. Jeff’s father passed away in debt which left Jeff to question why debt was such a problem during his fathers lifetime. Wanting to help his children and other people who struggled like his father, Jeff partnered with a different services and companies to create The Debt Movement. The goal of the Debt Movement is to help decrease people’s debts by 10 million dollars by the end of the year by providing people with the resources they need to manage their debt.

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Former Students Should Seek government Help for Student Loan Debt.

Student debt-relief programs are taking advantage of those in debt, charging high amounts for their services. These services are often putting their customers in even more precarious situations than they were in initially. People in this position are desperate to pay of their student loans and sometimes jump at the opportunity to have aid in the endeavor. Unfortunately, many of these companies add rather high charges to what is already owed. One particular student loan debt-relief company, Student Consulting Group has since had accreditations by the Better Business Bureau removed due to a high number of complaints. Allegedly they have been charging for services that they did not provide. In regards to student loan debt-relief programs, people with this issue should put for effort in looking into the free aid available through the government. Private student-debt relief programs have shown to often add to the original problem.

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